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How to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar not Working

While Microsoft has been working on Windows 10, this taskbar was offered with plenty of focus and undoubtedly it seemed the humblest one in the whole lot. Naturally, the taskbar entailed some really brand-new alternatives that were too valuable to the users, yet in addition to that, it likewise generated some errors that were irritating. With these new choices, the blunders were subsequently brought into the fold. for eg; windows 10 taskbar broken issue has been seen for a number of users which makes it not reacting or totally non-working.

Has your Windows 10 Taskbar Stopped Working or is it not Responding? How to fix the Broken Taskbar

Before we proceed to lead you concerning the prospects of repairing the usual concerns of the taskbar and how you can assist your taskbar job again, it is crucial that you discover the attributes and all other essential points that are new to this Windows 10 taskbar. Undoubtedly, it has obtained some awesome functionality yet at the same time, it likewise includes some drawback as well.

With the arrival of Windows 10, there are certainly some modifications to the taskbar. Before we continue further in this piece of post, I wish to direct you to ensure that you acquire the idea to what has actually got altered. After you will certainly understand the brand-new adjustments, we will certainly go on to offer you with some simple repairs in order to assist you fix several of the most usual issues that have been tormenting the taskbar.

windows 10 taskbar not working
windows 10 taskbar not working

How to fix Windows 10 Taskbar not Working, not Responding or Broken?

A great deal of individuals have actually already reported that the Windows 10 taskbar not working, reacting or made them, this problem has been reported continuously by users on the Microsoft online forums along with on the Reddit. If you too are facing the exact same issue, below I will certainly help you get it dealt with. This overview will absolutely help you fix points comfortable.

Download Windows 10 drivers

In certain situations, it has been learnt that if you have got any type of inappropriate or outdated device drivers within your system, you may face taskbar broken issue, in which, Windows 10 taskbar could not be working in your hand. If it does not respond, you have to download the appropriate Windows 10 drivers for your system in order to fix your issue with the taskbar.

To note this procedure, you need to use Driver Talent, which is considered as the most safe as well as fastest means through which the users can choose to update drivers. of course you are waiting for Windows 11 release

Action 1 -Recognize the obsolete drivers.

In order to continue into the process, you require to recognize the inappropriate drivers initially. Click on the Scan button as well as Driver Talent will certainly be identifying the corrupt, broken and inappropriate drivers.

Action 2 -Download and also update Windows 10 Drivers.

Click on the Update button. This will download as well as install the proper Windows 10 drivers for your computer system immediately.

Action 3 — Reboot your computer system.

To see to it that all the driver updates take effect, reboot your system.

Restart Windows Explorer

If the Windows 10 taskbar is not rsponding. After you make a fresh restart of the Windows Explorer, the performance of the Windows 10 taskbar will definitely be brought back. It is thought about among the most basic options as well as you do not require being techy adequate to do with this process.

Here is just how you do it:

– Action 1 — Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys altogether. or  Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete, This will certainly open the task manager before you.
– Action 2 — Select the Processes tab and after that select the Windows Explorer.
– Action 3 — Next, click the Restart.

task manager restart
task manager restart

Use Windows PowerShell

In order to take care of the Windows 10 taskbar not working concern, you require to follow the steps discussed below to utilize Windows PowerShell. Below are the steps as complies with:-.

  1. Pick Command Prompt by right-click on the Start menu.

    windows powershell
    windows powershell
  2. Type PowerShell and afterwards press the Enter button.Either type or copy and also paste the complying with command in the PowerShell home window :
Get-AppXPackage-AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage – DisableDevelopmentMode -Register”$($_.InstallLocation)/AppXManifest.xml”}

Now, press the Go into button.

Close the PowerShell Home Window.
Navigate to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local

windows manager
windows manager

Delete the folder — TitleDataLayer.
This ought to repair the windows 10 taskbar if broken.

Create a New User account

If you have currently tried all those procedures yet could not locate any one of them exercising efficiently, try out this option as well as hope it will exercise! Now, it is particular that your Windows 10 taskbar not working problem may have a concern with your administrator qualifications and also you can resolve it by developing a new individual account.

Right here are the actions that you need to adhere to:

  1. In order to open up Settings, press the Windows + I button.

    windows setting
    press windows + I
  2. Most likely to the Accounts and after that pick the Family & other Users option from there.Family & Other Users
  3. Most likely to the Other Users option and after that select Add someone else to this COMPUTER option under it.
  4. Now, select the option — I don’t have he or she’s sign-in information.
  5. Next off, select the option — Add an individual without a Microsoft account.
  6. When you are performed with the above actions, create the user and select the Next button to continue.
  7. Produce the New account as an administrator account.
  8. Select the New individual account that you have actually developed from the Other Users and afterwards select the option, Change Account type.
  9. Select Administrator.
  10. Click on OK button.

Fix your Concerns with the Start Button

It is very important to mention below, for we are talking about the difficulties of the taskbar overall.
The Start food selection appears to make a return in the Microsoft version, Windows 10 and also it is currently considered as the primary method whereby the users can obtain all their things carried out in their newest OS. However, however, this Windows 10 Start menu is facing some actual problems as reported by a lot of users.

Microsoft has been striving to resolve all these problems and also along with that, it could be seen that the whole of the taskbar along with the search button seems to go through a freeze, at times! Specialists often state that all these troubles are triggered as a result of the pest but it might likewise take place when Windows updates are being mounted into the system. However, there is no assured fix to any one of these concerns, yet there are absolutely some methods that could be checked out by the users so as to get the taskbar feature once again just like it has been doing before!

In the beginning, I would certainly ask you to undergo a thorough monitoring process to make sure fixing the corrupt data.

Windows data are often seen to be corrupt as well as this often tends to wreak all sorts of havoc on your PC or laptop, causing present you with a stuck Start button. Consequently, you must inspect and fix the corrupt documents and also see if your system begins working efficiently like previously.

Step 1 — Introduce the task manager.

You might select the Task manager by merely right-clicking the taskbar, yet since it is not functioning, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Del tricks completely on the keyboard.

Step 2 — Run brand-new task option.

Click on the More information option that is present in the Task manager and also goes to the Documents food selection. From there, select the Run new task option.

Action 3 — Run Windows PowerShell.

Type PowerShell in the Run brand-new task dialogue box.

Now, there will be an option that states, Develop this task with administrative privileges, just click on it as well as click on the OK button.

windows powershell
windows powershell

Step 4 — Run the System file checker

Press the Return secret after typing scan now/ Sfc right into the window. This scanning procedure might call for a bit of time as well as it will certainly comments with any of three results. They are as complies with:Run the System file checker

1. Windows resource protection found corrupt files and also repaired them.
2. Windows could not discover any kind of honesty violations.
3. Windows Source Protection located corrupt files but was incapable to deal with all or several of them.

In the last instance, you require to either copy or kind DISM/ Online/ Cleanup-Image/ RestoreHealth. Type this in the PowerShell home window and then press the Return key. This might call for time given that the system will certainly be downloading the documents from Windows update and then change the corrupt data one by one.

This procedure is expected to troubleshoot your trouble as well as your taskbar along with the Start food selection will be operating correctly. Since the Start food selection was an essential segment of the taskbar, it was essential to point out the means through which you can fix the same.

Nevertheless, if those process does not function, below I am mentioning a few other ways whereby you can fix your trouble with the Start menu:-.

6. Reinstall the Windows apps

When the Windows PowerShell home window opens, copy as well as paste or kind:

PSC:\Windows\system32> prompt
Get-AppXPackage – AllUsers |Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode –

prompt powershellGo on waiting till the app downloads as well as the install process is attended be completed. If you see any type of red message on the display and restart Windows, do overlook them.

7. Refresh your COMPUTER
windows 10 refresh pc

How to Lock the Taskbar in Windows

The Windows taskbar is placed at the bottom of the display by default, yet you can shift it to different areas by clicking as well as dragging. Due to the fact that it’s so simple to move by crash, you could intend to lock the Windows taskbar into area. Securing the taskbar is particularly suggest if the COMPUTER is made use of by greater than a single person.

What Is the Windows Taskbar?

The Windows taskbar gives fast access to frequently-used applications, important system settings, and incoming notifications. It also houses the Start Menu as well as the Windows search box.

How to Lock the Taskbar in Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7

To lock or open the Windows taskbar, right-click any empty area on the taskbar and also select Lock the taskbar.

How to Lock the Windows Taskbar From Your Settings

It’s also possible to lock the taskbar in place from your Windows Setup:

1. Right-click any empty room on the taskbar as well as select Taskbar setups (Windows 10) or Properties (Windows 7 as well as 8).

How to Lock the Taskbar in Windows
How to Lock the Taskbar in Windows

2. Establish the toggle button under Lock the taskbar to On.

How to Lock the Taskbar in Windows
How to Lock the Taskbar in Windows


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