Dell xps 13 is one of special edition release

dell xps 13

Overview at a glance Dell XPS 13

Pcheckup – The popularity of laptops or notebooks Dell in the world is very amazing. Of course, it is because of the quality and the specifications that are offered to the people. If you like to find a new notebook laptop from Dell, one of the interesting options is the Dell XPS 13.

Many people usually find laptops the specifications and also from the elegant design. If you get a high-quality device, you can work with this without any problem. The interesting design of the laptop also makes you feel confident working with this.

Release Date of Dell XPS 13

When you look at the design, you will fall in love with the slim body and narrow bezel of the display. It has an excellent keyboard that makes you feel comfortable when typing on it

Many people want to get this amazing laptop, but you need to know the time when the company will release this device to the public. Based on the information from the company, Dell XPS 13 will be on the market in the last year.

Now, you can find this device on the market. if you want to get the original product at a cheaper price, it will be a good decision if you buy it from the official website.

The Price of Dell XPS 13

If you want to buy this new Dell XPS 13, you can buy it from the marketplace or visit the store. But many people like to buy this device from Dell’s website because of the lower prices and interesting discounts.

In the US, you can find this new Dell XPS 13  at a price of around $999.99. It is not expensive because this new device is completed with an Intel Core i5 processor. There is also 4GB RAM and storage until 128 GB.

If you want to increase the performance, you can add more RAM and storage. If you want to add more specifications, you should prepare extra cost for it.

You also can improve the Dell XPS 13 display to become an HD screen with a touch screen. The touchscreen feature makes this device more elegant and provides more function.

Specification and Features of Dell XPS 13

When you look at the Dell XPS 13 specification, a new version has changed the processor with the new one that is core i5 or core i7. The previous version used Intel’s 8th-gen quad-core Coffee Lake. And now you can enjoy the device because it has bigger RAM 4 or 8GB. You can choose the storage starting from  128GB or 1TB SSD.

If you want to get more storage, you can buy a bigger SD card. It gives you more space to save more files and work with comfort.

Design and Ports

The new Dell XPS 13 has a new design and the company improved the features for more function. The new version has a slim design and lighter weight. The color of the body also makes this device look so luxurious.

Something that you have to know about the port is there is no USB-A port on this device. There’s only a new USB-C standard. There are still some different ports for different connections. Don’t worry because it has a microphone or headset jack.

This new device will make you feel wonderful because of the gold color and carbon fiber black model. It can protect the device from white UV. There’s also classic plastic white for a more impressive look.

Mostly, the model of this new Dell XPS 13 has a premium look. The luxurious design makes the device very interesting even if the price is not cheap.

The predecessor has a bigger size. But the new version has a smaller size of 23%. You can bring the device everywhere with comfort because the weight is only 1.21kg.


The other interesting Dell XPS 13 feature that makes you want to buy your device is the wonderful display. You can choose a touchscreen display or a non-touchscreen display.

The non-touchscreen display has a size of 1920 x 1080 13.3inch FHD. You still can upgrade this display with a touchscreen display 3840 x 2160 13.3inch UltraSharp 4K Ultra HD.

But if you decide to upgrade the display to a touchscreen display, the extra cost will make it more expensive.

Fingerprint Sensor

The other thing that also makes this device more interesting is the fingerprint sensor. It provides you with more protection and helps you to keep your privacy. With the fingerprint sensor feature, no one can open your device without your permission. The fingerprint sensor is usually put on the power key.

Battery Life

Before you buy a new device whether for working, studying, playing a game, or other activities, you also need to know about the battery life. This new Dell XPS 13 has a big battery that provides you with long hours of life. The company claims that it can run up to up to 19 hours.

If you want to be more sure about this new Dell XPS 13,  you need to read complete information about specifications from the official website.

It is included as a small device because the touchscreen is only 13.3 inches. But it has a wonderful display and you can enjoy video or movies with an ultra HD screen. The touchscreen display also allows the user to work efficiently.

Talking about the processor, it uses 8th Generation Intel Quad-Core i5-8250U. With a powerful processor, you can enjoy strong performance and don’t worry about lag. There are two processors you can find on this device.

The company provides you with two options which are core i5 and core i7 processors. You can choose the most interesting one but the different professors will provide different performances.

The device is good for you who need a business laptop. It has interesting specifications with a luxurious design. Strong performance becomes the most interesting benefit. If you have a new device with a strong engine, you will never be afraid of the device lagging or having trouble.


You have to know that this new Dell XPS 13 provides you good processor, display, features, and many others. It can help you to reach your working target. This device will be your close friend every day.

Don’t be confused because now you can buy it from many places whether from an online store or an offline store. I hope the information above will be a good reference for you.

Best of The Specification, Price, and Release Date of Dell G15 Ryzen Edition

Dell G15 Ryzen

Overview at a glance Dell G15 Ryzen Edition

Pcheckup – Buying a new laptop sometimes makes you feel confused. It is because there are many options that you can find. If you are looking for the best gaming laptop but it has a lower price, Dell G15 Ryzen Edition is an interesting choice.

You can find this device with a high-quality design and great specifications. The information about specifications will help you to decide whether want to choose it or not.

Dell G15 Ryzen Edition Specification

The first thing that you have to know is about the CPU. This device uses using AMD Ryzen 5000 series. But the other version uses 10th Generation Intel Core.

It has a big screen with 15.6” Full HD. The company offers you to upgrade it to a 65Hz panel. It has the powerful performance to run much software because it has RAM of 8-32 GB of 3200Mhz DDR4.

It has a big storage capacity starting from 256 GB to 2 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD. The high-quality Graphics of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, 6 GB GDDR6 complete the quality of this device.

It is very appropriate for you who like to play a game. The luxurious design and high performance make it an interesting gaming laptop. You should know that this laptop has valuable awards as the best budget gaming laptop from the Tom’s Guide Awards 2021 for gaming.

The company launched two gaming laptops with different versions. The first is the revamped Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 and Dell G15 Ryzen Edition is the other version.

The first version uses Nvidia GPUs and the other uses AMD Ryzen CPUs. If you are looking for the best performance device, G15 Ryzen Edition is better than the other version.

Price and Release Date

This device has an interesting specification and elegant design. Many people feel curious and want to get this amazing laptop. If you also want to buy this device, you should prepare your money after the company launches this laptop to the public.

This device will be on sale on May 13th. It has a low price for a gaming laptop. You can buy it at the price starting from $899.99.

The Design of Dell G15 Ryzen Edition

With a price of around $899.99, you will see that it has a modern design. The narrow bezel makes this Dell G15 Ryzen Edition look elegant. The company calls the design of this device an Alienware-inspired thermal design”. The design allows the laptop to be cool because of the fluent airflow.

You can find this Dell G15 Ryzen Edition with the manly color Dark Shadow Grey. But you also can find other color options such as  Specter Green and Phantom Grey. The company tries to provide great devices from the design to the specification.

Playing games with this laptop will give you a wonderful experience. It has a feature that makes the laptop always cool even if you play the game for a long time.  The backlight of the keys also makes the design more beautiful.

The Display of Dell G15 Ryzen Edition

Dell G15 Ryzen Edition offers you a big screen for the best display. You can enjoy the games and the movies with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD LED display.

It also has a 120Hz refresh rate and 250 nits of brightness. You will never regret the display performance. You can upgrade the performance with 300 nits of brightness but it needs extra cost and may reduce the battery life.

Dell G15 Ryzen Ports

When you want to connect some hardware just do this from the ports. It has completed some ports such as one USB 3.2 port, 1 HDMI 2.1 port, one USB-C port, a port for a headset/microphone, two USB 2.0 ports, and an Ethernet (RJ45) port.


Talks about performance and this Dell G15 Ryzen Edition will make you satisfy. It is equipped with a CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600H hexacore.

If you want to increase the performance, you can upgrade it to an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H octa-core processor. There is also another processor after April 13th. You have more options because Dell will come with an Intel processor.

The new models not only come with one processor but you can find two Intel CPUs that are 10th gen Intel CPUs Core-i5 quadcore and Core-i7 octa-core CPU. There are also newer 11th-gen models if you like more powerful performance.

Dell’s company makes sure that this device provides you powerful engine. Something that becomes the soul of your laptop is the CPU/GPU. A laptop for gaming of course has a different feature. This is because gaming laptops should have a strong engine and cooling features.

Professional gamers usually play the game for some hours. If the device does not have a strong engine, it can damage the device. Long battery life also becomes the thing that makes the function of this laptop more interesting.

Dell G15 Ryzen Edition Battery Life

Don’t worry if you are looking for a strong device with a strong battery. This device also has a big battery. The entry-level model welcomes a 3-cell battery. But the other version comes with a larger battery which is the 6-cell battery.

The information about how many hours this device can stand by and work with the battery still becomes the question. The company will announce the information after the devices are released to the public.

This device not only has a strong processor and long battery life, but the design of the Dell G15 Ryzen Edition also makes you feel confident.

The reputation of Dell’s laptops is very good and very popular. With a lower budget, you can get this laptop. Playing games will be more attractive if you use a high-quality device.

After you know that this device is not bad for professional gamers, you can decide whether you want to buy this device or not.

You need to wait until the company launches this new Dell G15 Ryzen Edition into the market. Information about how long the battery life is and detailed information can be seen on the official website. If you want to get the product at a cheaper price, better to buy this device from Dell’s website.

Dell Latitude 9430 Best Laptop Special for Business

Dell Latitude 9430

Overview at a glance Dell Latitude 9430

Pcheckup – High-quality laptops become something important for many people, especially businessmen. If you work with a laptop and need a new device, Dell Latitude 9430 is an interesting option. Everyone wants to get the best device to finish the job. Dell is one of the famous devices and many people like to choose the product from this brand.

Dell offers you many laptops with different specifications. But the Dell Latitude 9430 is the newest one with great specifications for businessmen.

This device has an interesting processor that is Intel’s 12th-generation Core processor. Most people will try to find a premium device to support their activity every day. A processor that is put on this device, makes it work powerfully.

In the US, you can find this device the price starts from $2,245.

The Release Date

When you see the Dell Latitude 9430 specification, you may feel very interested in this device. A powerful engine becomes something that influences your comfort when working with this laptop.

Dell Latitude 9430 will be yours after the company launches the product in April. You do not need to wait for a long time because, this month, the product will be in any place. You can buy it online or come to the store.

Dell Latitude 9430 comes with one version but there are two versions that you can buy. The first version is clam-shell and the second is 2 in 1 version. You should know the specifications of each version, so you can make the best choice.

Dell Latitude 9430 Price

A different version, of course, will offer you a different Dell Latitude 9430 price. As for the business laptop, the specifications will be very interesting. You should not feel worried about the price because you can buy it at a good price.

As per the information before, you can buy this device at a price starting from $2,245. The price will be different in different places or countries. You have to know that business laptop usually has expensive price. It is because the specification is higher than the common laptop.

It is not surprising to know that Dell has a high price because you will get a high-quality device with modern technology.

A different version of this Dell Latitude 9430 will have significant differences. You should find the information about specifications, especially the Professor, RAM, and Storage. Find the most appropriate version based on your necessity.

If you want to find a device with a lower price, you can visit Dell’s website. The official website usually offers you a discounted price for each version.

Special Specification

Dell Latitude 9430 is a new laptop with a new design and technology. You can compare this version with the predecessor which is Dell Latitude 9420. You can see the significant change in the design.

New Processor

Not only does this device have a new look, but this device also has a significant change in the processor. It is using  Intel’s 12th generation. This processor is an Alde Lake processor that is called the new hybrid architecture.

With this new processor, you can enjoy a high core count and also more threads. It makes the device powerful performance for your everyday jobs.

New Generation RAM

Not only completed with a new processor, but this device also uses new generation RAM. This RAM is called LPDDR5.

Compared to the previous version, it has a faster speed so you can enjoy a speed of up to 5200 MHz.

The faster performance gives a possibility to finish your job quickly. It’s very interesting for you that become a businessman or a businesswoman. Working with big data is no problem because this new RAM offers a big space for you.

Interesting Webcam

Working with many people usually needs to make an online meeting. If you have a Dell Latitude 9430, you can make online meetings with high-quality video because it has a full HD webcam.

Today, the webcam become something important because sometimes you need to meet an important person online. Dell company considers that a good webcam is very important at this age.

You will be very satisfied with the full HD webcam on this laptop. The previous version only uses a 720 p camera, while this new version has a new full HD with a 1080 p camera. The higher resolution increases the quality of video or photo.

The new webcam is complete with many interesting features such as an electromechanical Safe Shutter and Dell Express Sign-in.

The webcam will be off automatically when you do not use it. Then, your device will be locking when you move away. The other feature is Express Sign-In with a proximity sensor. This camera sensor gives the ability for the device to turn on automatically when you are approaching it.

Privacy Display features

The other important thing that you have to know about this laptop is the new privacy display feature. This feature includes the new security feature. It helps you to save the display.

When other people are looking at your screen display,  the screen will detect it and then distort the screen. So, other people will never see your screen content.

The other wonderful feature of this device is the Look-Away Detect. This feature will help you to save battery life and protect the data. You can enjoy your work because it’s complete with Dell ComfortView+.

Buy New Dell Latitude 9430

To attract people, this new laptop has a different color from the previous type. It has a metallic graphite color and looks like the dark side of silver. So, the colors make this device look so luxurious.

If you feel interested in buying Dell Latitude 9430, you can open the official Dell website. After the company launches the laptop in April, you can buy this device at a special price.

The other place that also becomes the best place to buy a laptop is Amazon and another general retailer. But if you want to get the original product at the best price, better for you to buy it directly from Dell’s website.

There, you will not only buy the device but also get more information about the specifications. Dell is one of the most interesting choices for you who want to work with a high-quality laptop. I hope the information about this Dell Latitude 9430 can be good a good reference.

Dell XPS 13, DELL XPS 15, DELL G5 15 and DELL G7 17 are Special Laptop for Gaming

DELL G5 15 Series

Overview at a Glance Laptop Gaming Dell

Pcheckup – Today, so many people like to play games on laptops or notebooks. You are allowed to have a gaming laptop with other functions such as working. Dell is one of the best laptops for gaming, DELL has so many interesting options for you. You can see about the best laptop gaming and working in this article. On this occasion, we tried to talk about Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 15, and Dell G7 17.

The Best DELL Laptop For Gaming

If you have a high-quality laptop, it will make you feel comfortable when playing the game. It is also appropriate to watch a movie for some hours. Don’t feel confused about the best choice, because 4 Dell laptops are appropriate for your activities.

The information below will tell you about the benefits and features that make the Dell laptop an interesting choice. After you know about the features and the benefits, you can take the information to make the best decision with the best Dell laptop.

1. Dell XPS 13

DELL XPS 13 Series
                                                    DELL XPS 13 Series

The first interesting laptop for gaming that will be your favorite is the Dell XPS 13. Of so many options, this laptop became the best one because of the high-quality design and the interesting features.

It offers you a powerful and stylish design with great graphics for your everyday use.

This laptop for gaming includes a premium laptop. The screen size is 13.4 inches. It uses a CPU up to 10th-gen Intel Core i7-1065G7. The gravity of the laptop is using Intel Iris Plus. This laptop also has a big capacity for RAM of up to 16GB and big storage of up to 1TB.

Most people like to buy Dell XPS 13 because of many reasons. Some of the reasons are the powerful internal hardware, stylish design and portable, and screen variant available up to 4K.

But this laptop also has something that makes people feel not interested such as the average battery life and the ports which only have a limited number.

Mostly, this laptop is interesting because of its powerful performance. It makes your gaming activity no problem. The design of this laptop is also very compact and makes you feel confident when bringing this laptop everywhere.

Another interesting feature of Dell XPS 13 is10th-gen Intel processor. It is the latest version of the Intel processor. With the big RAM inside, you can install a lot of software and watch the movie until the latest night.

Don’t worry about the design because it has super-thin bezels with high screen resolution. Playing a game with this laptop will give you an amazing experience.

2. DELL XPS 15

DELL XPS 15 Series
                                                                    DELL XPS 15 Series

The second interesting recommendation about the best Dell laptop for gaming is the Dell XPS 15. When you look at the specifications, you will find that this laptop for gaming uses 10th-gen Intel Core i9-10885H.

You will enjoy playing the game with the Dell XPS 15 because it has a big screen of up to 15.6 inches (up to 3840 x 2400 pixels).

It becomes more wonderful with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics. It becomes more satisfying with the big RAM of up to 64GB and the storage of up to 1TB.

If you are a real gamer, you will love this laptop because it has a great level of internal hardware. The screen is very wonderful with a 4K screen option.

With the high-class design and great specifications, many people like to choose this laptop. Not only good for the gamer, but if you are working for your business, this laptop also becomes the best choice.

The top-quality components inside the Dell XPS 15 laptop become something that makes you feel satisfied. It offers good performance. The large screen with impressive graphics is also enough for the best view when working or playing the game.

3. DELL G5 15

DELL G5 15 Series
                                                           DELL G5 15 Series 

The other laptop for gaming from Dell that also provide high-quality component is the Dell G5 15. It uses 10th-gen Intel Core i7-10750H for the CPU.

It will make you feel comfortable when playing the game because of the big screen. Dell G5 15 has a 15.6-inch screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB.

Most people like to choose this laptop because of its compact design. There is also 1080p gaming unlocked and understated looks.

Playing the game with this laptop will give you an interesting experience because it has a large screen and high technology features. The latest Windows on this laptop increases the benefits. You should try to play the game with this for the next level of gaming.

When you choose this laptop for gaming, you will see that it has a fantastic price. The price is balanced with the components inside.

In the event you are not a gamer, this laptop will very appropriate for your job or business. It has a great design and strong performance that will support your activities.

4. DELL G7 17

DELL G7 17 Series
DELL G7 17 Series

The next laptop for top-level gaming power is Dell G7 17. The specifications will make you feel sure to choose this laptop for your activities. Compared with the other recommendation, the Dell G7 17 has a larger screen which is 17.3-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels).

It is included as a laptop for gaming but from the design, it does not look like a gaming laptop. From the design to the features, this laptop is very wonderful.

The big screen gives you the possibility to enjoy the game in the best way. It has a big storage of 1TB. You’ll never feel afraid about storage when you have this laptop.

If you want to get the best laptop for gaming or for working, four of the Dell laptops above can be a good choice for you. Don’t be afraid about the specification because all of them has great features and use high technology.

Each Dell laptop is designed for a different function. A laptop for gaming should have high performance and a powerful engine. Don’t worry if you are a real gamer and need a laptop with high specifications. Just choose one of the best Dell laptops that have been mentioned above.

Now, you can make your best choice from the best laptop for gaming above. Choose the best one based on your budget and necessity.