How to Fix No Audio Output Device is Installed Windows 10 Error

When the noise symbol in your task bar has a red x on it (as detailed over), your computer system will not play any kind of sound.

This is normally brought on by a couple of troubles: either Windows has handicapped your audio device or your PC does not have the most recent right device drivers set up, and also Windows as a result can not ‘speak’ to the device.

If you see No Audio Output Device is installed when you hover your mouse over the sound icon, your audio problem is probably brought on by among these issues, and also there are 3 repair work approaches you can try that have actually helped various other users. You might not require to attempt them all; simply start at the top of the list and function your way audio output device is installed windows 10

Have you ever encounter a red cross join the audio icon in Windows 10 taskbar?

If indeed, it suggests your computer will not play any noise because you are encountering a type of Windows 10 no sound problem. In such situation, if you float your mouse tip over the audio icon (red x) then you will certainly be able to see “No Audio Output Device is installed” error message realtek HD audio manager.

No Audio Output Device is installed Windows 10 error primarily takes place due to among these problems, either your PC does not have the most up to date Audio device drivers set up or the Audio device has been disabled by the Windows. Even occasionally, it happens if your computer or laptop’s sound jack or motherboard obtained damaged.

However there is no requirement to fret about such Windows 10 audio drivers problems. In this Windows 10 audio troubleshooting tutorial, we are mosting likely to clarify a few of the most uncomplicated methods to fix “No Audio Output Device is installed” error in Windows 10 operating system.

How to Fix “No Audio Output Device is Installed” Error in Windows 10

So, are you prepared to know how to fix No Audio Output Device is installed Windows 10 error? Let’s dive in.

Re-enable Sound Output Device in Windows 10

According to lots of Windows users, re-enabling audio output device solved their Windows 10 no sound devices are set up problem and also we are going to do the exact same. Here’s how:

  1. Firstly, open Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R tricks with each other and also the enter devmgmt.msc in it to open Device Manager.devmgmt.msc
  2. On the Device Manager home window, you are visiting numerous device driver groups. From these categories, you have to locate “Sound, Video Clip and Game Controllers“.In case, if you are incapable to see “Audio, Video and Video game Controllers” group in Device Manager then comply with the below discussed steps to get it back.sound, video and game controllers
  3. To obtain “Sound, Video Clip and also Game Controllers” group back on Windows 10 device manager, click the Action button located on top of the Device Manager home window and after that choose Add Legacy Hardware option.

    no audio devices are installed
    image :
  4. Now you will see “Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard” window on your computer screen, click on Next button.

    windows 10 no audio devices are installed
    image :
  5. In the next window, you need to select “Search for and install the hardware automatically (Recommended)” option and afterwards click Next button.

    windows 10 no sound
    image :
  6. On the next window, if the wizard says “The wizard did not find any new hardware on your computer” after that simply click Next button.

    no audio device is installed
    image :
  7. Now you will see the list of usual hardware types. Just scroll down and also select “Sound, Video and Game Controllers” option then click Next button.

    how to fix no audio output device is installed
    image :
  8. After the click, you will be asked to select the manufacturer as well as model of your hardware device. As soon as you have actually picked the manufacturer and also model of your audio card, click Next button.

    no sound windows 10
    image :
  9. On The wizard is ready to install your hardware window, click Next button to validate the installation.

    how to fix no audio output device is installed windows 10
    image :
  10. Just after the click, the installment procedure will begin. When the installment is finished, click on Complete button.

    windows 10 sound drivers
    image :
  11. Now you will have the ability to see “Sound, Video and also Game Controllers” group in the device manager. Expand it as well as right-click on your audio device after that select Enable option.

    windows 10 no audio output device is installed
    image :

Re-enabling audio device ought to deal with the No Audio Output Device is installed Windows 10 issue. Nevertheless, if you are still running into the no sound devices are mounted trouble conform to the next remedies.

Uninstall and also Reinstall Audio Device Driver

A lot of the audio troubles on Windows computers develop as a result of the driver associated problems and also No sound devices are set up concern is also one of them. If re-enabling audio device approach does not help you then you can try uninstalling and updating the Windows 10 audio driver.

Here’s how to uninstall as well as reinstall audio device driver in Windows 10:

  1. At first, open Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys with each other and also enter devmgmt.msc in it to open Device Manager.devmgmt.msc
  2. On the Device Manager window, expand “Sound, Video Clip and also Video game Controllers” group and right-click on your audio device then select Uninstall option to remove the audio driver from your computer system.

    windows 10 audio driver
    image :
  3. Once the uninstallation process is finished, reboot your computer and also the Windows 10 audio driver will get set up automatically on your system.

Now the Windows 10 no audio devices are installed error with red x indicator need to be fixed and you ought to be able to pay attention to all your preferred tracks, view motion pictures on your computer system as the audio drivers which were lost are now back.

No Audio Output Device is Installed Windows 10 HP

Run automated devices and check driver status to enable the device in Windows 10 or 8.

Run the audio troubles troubleshooter

Automatically identify and also fix audio mistakes with the Windows sound troubleshooting device.

  1. Right-click the notification location audio speaker symbol, and then select Troubleshoot sound problems.troubleshooting sound problem
  2. Select the device you want to troubleshoot, and afterwards click Next to start the troubleshooter.playing audio
  3. If an advised action screens, select Apply this fix, and after that test for sound.

Examine device and driver condition in Device Manager

An obsolete sound driver can create sound mistakes and concerns. Usage Device Manager to check if the audio device is disabled, and after that install a readily available driver update.

  1. In Windows, search for as well as open Device Manager.device manager
  2. Double-click Sound, video and game controllers..sound, video and game controllers
  3. Right-click the audio device, and after that select Update Driver.update installed drivers
  4. Click Search automatically for updated driver software to look for as well as install a driver.automatically for updated driver software– If an updated driver installs, if windows update stuck, restart the computer if motivated, and then test for noise.
    – If an upgraded driver is not readily available, continue to the next step to reinstall the existing driver.
  5. Right-click the audio device again, and afterwards select Uninstall to open the Uninstall Device window.

    Uninstall Device window
    image :
  6. Select Delete the driver software application for this device, and then click Uninstall.

    Delete the driver software for this device
    image :
  7. In the leading food selection bar, click Action, and after that select Scan for hardware changes to reinstall the device.
  8. Test for sound.

If there is no audio, right-click the Sound icon in the notification location, select Playback devices, and after that reconnect your audio device if it is not noted. Once noted, click the device name, click the Seems tab, select an audio, and afterwards click Test.
If the device is not noted in Playback devices, restart the computer system, and after that examine if the device presents in the list.
If the problem lingers, continue to the next step.

Examine the playback device arrangement and also connection

Examine playback device condition in the audio settings and inspect the device link to the computer system.

  1. Right-click the notice area audio speaker icon, and after that select Playback devices.
  2. Confirm the device is provided as well as has a green check mark. This suggests it is the default device. If needed, right-click the device name, select Establish as Default Device, and afterwards evaluate the device.
    – If you can use the device, the problem is resolved.
    – If the device is not provided, remain to the next step.
  3. Inspect the device link to the computer system.
  • For cable television connections, make sure the device links to the proper port, and that the connection is safe and secure. Furthermore, reconnect the device in case the computer did not find it when you previously linked it.
  • For cordless connections, see to it the device is configured and matched to the COMPUTER.

KEEP IN MIND: Some desktop computers do not have integrated audio speakers. Headphones or external audio speakers are required to hear sound. If the error is settled however there is still no noise, examination with a different playback device as well as inspect your specifications for any extra sound demands. For extra help, go to HP Computers – Connecting a Bluetooth Device or HP PCs – Resolving Headphones and also Headset Troubles.

Run an audio hardware diagnostic examination

Utilize the HP COMPUTER Hardware Diagnostics Windows tool to execute an Audio Playback Test. This checks the functionality of the audio subsystem, consisting of audio controllers and also codecs.

  1. Go to HP Hardware Diagnostics to install the most up to date version of HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows.
  2. After the installment completes, search Windows for ‘HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows‘, right-click the app in the outcomes, and then select Run as administrator to open up the device.

    HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows
    image :
  3. Click Part Tests, click Audio, and then select Audio Playback Test.

    Audio Playback Test
    image :
  4. Click Run once, and after that select an audio output device to run the examination.
    Run once
    image :

    – If the audio test fails, make a note of the 24-digit failing ID code (also available in the Test Logs), and after that speak to HP Customer Assistance, or solution the computer system.
    – If the audio test passes but the concern lingers, remain to the next step.

Usage Microsoft System Restore or HP System Healing

  1. If the audio error persists, utilize Microsoft System Restore or HP System Recovery to fix the trouble.
    Most Likely To HP PCs – Making Use Of Microsoft System Restore (Windows 10, 8) to restore your computer to a previous state when audio was working.
  2. If Microsoft System Restore does not fix the concern, go to HP PCs – Performing a System Recovery (Windows 10)..
  3. If the error still displays, solution the computer.


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