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hp elitebook 1030 x360 g2
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Overview at a glance HP Elitebook 1030 x360 g2

Pcheckup – If you want to work with a modern device, you should know about HP EliteBook X360.  This laptop includes a modern laptop that has high technology features. It will make you feel comfortable and confident when doing your job with this amazing device.

HP Elitebook 1030 x360 g2 become one of the best NoteBook PCs with an interesting design. It does not only provide you with a great specification but the design also looks luxurious. It has significant differences from the common laptop, especially in the design.

HP EliteBook X360 Price

Most people, before they buy the device will try to find information about the price. This amazing laptop offers you great specifications and you need to prepare the cost of around $1, 599.00.

After you know the price of the HP EliteBook X360, you can count whether your money is enough or not. With this price, you can enjoy the device with smooth performance because it has good specifications.

The Key Features

You need to know about the specifications and key features of the device. This device will provide strong performance because it uses Windows 10 Pro-64-bits for the operating system.

While the processor of this device is 2.5 GHz – I Core i5-7500U. It also has big RAM.

It becomes more complete with the hardware 512 GB M.2 – 2280 Turbo Drive G2 and PCIe 3×4 NVMe.

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The size of this device is not big because it only has a 13.3″ screen. The graphic card for this device is HD Graphics 620 from Intel and X3U19AV.

The company claims that this device has a big battery capacity. With this battery, the device can run for long hours until 16 hours 30 minutes.

Release Date of HP EliteBook x360

Everyone who wants to buy this new laptop from HP should know the HP EliteBook X360 release date. This device is not the new version because the company released this device on 1/23/2017.

But you still can get the new device if you open the website and ask about the new version. The model of this HP EliteBook X360 will make you feel interested because it’s not like a common laptop that has a simple design.

You can find that this HP EliteBook X360 1030 G2 with only one color which is silver color. It makes the laptop look so luxurious.  You can use this in different modes like using a tablet.

Specs of HP EliteBook X360

You have to know that this HP EliteBook X360 of base level is using 2.50 GHz, 2.70 gigahertz, while the other is using 2.8 GHz, 2.60 Gigahertz.

But if you want to get more powerful performance, the company also allows you to get a higher processor.

If you choose a laptop HP i5-7300U processor, it can produce a maximum frequency of 3.9GHz. This processor also has a 4 MB total cache. People usually call this processor Kaby Lake.

  • OS – Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit Edition
  • Battery life – up to 16.5 hours
  • Modes – work, share, present, conference, write
  • Dimensions -12.5 x 8.6 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight – starting at 2.82 pounds
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For stronger performance, the HP EliteBook X360 is also completed with big RAM. The total RAM of this device is 16 GB of DDR4-SDRAM memory. Of course, with this RAM, you still have the opportunity to upgrade it.  So, it will have stronger performance and will support your activities such as playing the game, studying, watching a movie, browsing, or many others.


Different from the HP Elitebook 1030 x360 g2 processor has many options, the display of this device is only one option. You can find a single-screen type with 4K Ultra HD. It also uses a Full HD backlit 13.3-inch screen. It will produce a clear and rich color because it has an IPS panel of 3840 x 2160 Pixel.

You know that the design of this device looks so cool with the shape and color. It becomes more wonderful because of the touchscreen feature.

The touchscreen feature makes your job easier. You can save time when you open the software or any options because you can touch the option directly and quickly.


The quality of the graphics will never make you feel regretful because it uses Intel HD Graphics 620. There is also an integrated graphics card that has a basic frequency of 300 MHz.

You can increase the frequency to 1150 MHz for the maximum frequency. The integrated graphics are available with a bigger memory of up to 32 GB.


When you want to buy a new device, you need to consider the capacity of the memory. If you choose this HP EliteBook X360, you can enjoy a big storage capacity and you can maximize the space up to 1000Gigabytes.

There are many benefits that you can take from the big memory. You can save many documents without feeling afraid if storage is not enough.

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Talking about this device, there is the standard Wi-Fi that you can find on this device such as IEEE 802.11ac and Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac). You can connect this HP Elitebook 1030 x360 g2 to the other another device such as a smartphone, speaker, or any other with Bluetooth.


You should know that this device uses a 3-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) 57 Wh battery. With this battery, the laptop can live for 16 hours. But if you use this laptop for hard activities such as playing games while listening to music at one time, you may see that it can live less than 16 hours.

To save the battery life, you can run some software but don’t force it to work so hard. It can damage the battery and also can damage the engine.

There are some things that you can do to keep the battery always in good condition. Please, avoid charging the laptop until the battery is empty. Make sure that you plug out the charger after it is full. Charging for a long time or leaving it for a long night can damage the battery.

Overall, this laptop is very interesting from the design and the specification. It is not big and not heavy because it’s only 1.28 kg heavy. Many people like to have a laptop like this because it provides you with strong performance and has a luxurious design.

Now you can make the best decision with HP EliteBook X360. Finding the best laptop sometimes needs to find a complete reference. I hope that it will help you be sure about your choice.

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