How to Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft

How to tame an ocelot in minecraft – Ocelots are a beloved Minecraft mob that may be found in jungle biomes. They were originally included to the game in version 1.2, and they acted like cats when it came to hunting and catching mice.

The Ocelot’s game mechanics have drastically altered, making these huge cats much easier to train. Ocelots now rest on a player’s bed, furnace, and chest. The rates at which Ocelots appear have been increased as well by the developers.

Taming Ocelots in 1.14 Update: How To Do It

Where Do Ocelots Spawn?

The first thing we need to discuss is where you can encounter Ocelots. They only appear on the Jungle biomes in the game. If they emerge as a natural occurrence, they’ll be aggressive.

The Ocelot can be found anywhere, but if players create the Ocelots themselves, they may do so in any location. Players must walk a safe distance from the Ocelot after successfully spawning the creatures to earn its trust though.

They may attempt to win the Ocelot’s trust after they’re a safe distance away.

What Can Players Do With Ocelots Now That They Can’t Do Before?

Previously, to train Ocelots in Minecraft, you had to use raw salmon or cod to attract them and keep them at 10-to-six blocks away for capture.

It functioned similarly to prior creatures, and when the Ocelot has properly trained the creature, it will become a cat and change into one of three possibilities: tabby, tuxedo, or Siamese.

How to Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know

1. Begin your search for an ocelot by looking

Finding an ocelot in the game would be useful to accomplish, and there are several methods for doing so.

It’s difficult to discover an ocelot in Minecraft since it doesn’t adhere to conventional animal behavior. Even if you encounter difficulties, most individuals will attempt to locate an ocelot.

The best approach to summon an ocelot is to use a spawn egg. If you can’t discover them, try utilizing a spawn egg instead.

How to Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft
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2. Using the fish

Taming an ocelot is as simple as feeding it a raw fish. Before you encounter a new ocelot, make sure the raw fish is on your inventory.

It’s critical to provide your ocelot a lot of area to move in and to handle them in a big room.

If you remain in a confined place, you won’t be able to tame an ocelot. It’s one of the most efficient methods for ensuring that the taming procedure can take place.

Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft
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3. What you feed them

If you try to feed an ocelot with a raw fish while it is still feeding, you must be sure that you don’t make any effort. You may use salmon or COD fish as much raw fish as you like.

If you move, the ocelot will be frightened and will flee. Rather than focusing on the fish, attempt to make them avoid noticing your hand.

Every type of ocelot has its own set of characteristics that you must discover. However, learning about how to domesticate an ocelot in Minecraft is not difficult.

One of the most essential things to consider is whether you can use a raw fish as the necessary component.

Ocelot in Minecraft
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