How To Make A Trapped Chest In Minecraft

How to make a trapped chest in minecraft – Chests trapped in a cave are an excellent method to shock friends in Minecraft. Because these blocks resemble ordinary chests, you may put yourself to punishing the greedy players among us by creating a deadly trap in conjunction with this Trapped Chest.

The player may quickly build a death trap by linking the chest to Redstone, TNT, or an Arrow Dispenser. Trapped Chests may also be found at random in Mansions, so keep your eyes open!

A Trapped Chest will transmit a Redstone signal to the world indefinitely as long as it remains open. The locking mechanism of a chest may be used to determine whether or not it is trapped; if the mechanism is red, then the chest is trapped.

Supported Platforms

The following chest models are trapped:

how to make a trapped chest trap in minecraft xbox one
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Required Materials to make a Trapped Chest

The following are the materials that may be used to construct a trapped chest in Minecraft:

how to make a trapped chest in minecraft pc
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How To Make A Trapped Chest In Minecraft

1. Open the Crafting Menu

To begin, open your crafting table and place the 3×3 crafting grid that looks like this:

how to make a trapped chest in minecraft pe
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2. Make a Trapped Chest by adding some items.

In the crafting menu, there should be a 3×3 crafting grid with a crafting area in it. Place one chest and one tripwire hook in the 3×3 crafting lattice to make a trapped chest.

To construct a trapped chest, the chest and tripwire hook must be positioned in the precise design shown below. In the second row, there should be 1 tripwire hook in each box and 1 trapped chest in each box. This is the Minecraft crafting formula for a trapped chest.

The trapped chest will now appear in the box to the right once you’ve properly placed the pattern on the crafting area.

how to make a trapped chest in minecraft 1.8.8
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3. Remove the trapped chest from the room.

You must move the freshly made trapped chest to your inventory once you’ve built it.

how to make a trapped chest dispense in minecraft
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Q. When setting up traps using the Trapped Chest, what should I stay away from?

Any water or pistons that might get in the way of the Hooks should be avoided. Exception: lava can melt them, but not quickly due to their solidity.

Q. Is it worth keeping Trapped Chests if you have more than enough?

Chests that have been trapped are required components for the production of Trapped Chests and Crossbows, which are both useful in both PvP and PvE situations.

Crossbows may be utilized as a powerful long-distance weapon, but the Trapped Chest is a more covert method of activation.


Minecraft is a world of creativity where you can build anything your imagination desires. Whether it’s the perfect home, an epic castle, or even just something to protect yourself from creepers and zombies at night – Minecraft has everything you need to create whatever you want! For those who enjoy testing their skills with puzzles and riddles that require some serious thought before they can be solved, then this article was for them! Now we know how to make traps in Minecraft like trapped chests which are useful as both PvP and PvE weapons. The only thing left now is… what will YOU do?

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