How To Make A Cat Bed In Minecraft (Update)

How to make a bed in minecraft – Even if you’re just sitting at home and watching your latest creation materialize before your eyes, the Adventurers’ Guild offers a comfortable place to unwind after a long day of exploring and crafting. How else would you survive the night cycle and all of the dangers that emerge?

Beds aren’t only used to speed up time in the game. They’re also respawning locations. You’ll respawn in place of your normal destination whenever you go into a realm with a bed.

Unfortunately, you can’t sleep on the floor. You’re a cultivated explorer, after all. You’ll need a decent bed if you want to get some rest.

Let’s look at the different types of beds, how to create a more appealing one, and what you need to know about exploding bed dangers. Continue reading to learn how to make a bed, how to make an ornate colored one, and what you should expect from exploding bed hazards.

In the Nether and End Realms, beds burst

Although sleeping in a bed may be an excellent way to kill time and wait for the day, it may also be dangerous to your health in any other realm. That’s right. If you attempt to sleep in other dimensions, for example:

  • The End
  • Custom Dimensions
  • The Nether

Beds can not only shatter with a force stronger than TNT, but they may also set nearby blocks on fire. To add insult to injury, you are the sole victim of this tragedy.

The inhabitants of a village are immune to the effects of an erupting bed, and they sleep comfortably in every dimension.

Charging a Resurrect Anchor

First, a newly crafted Respawn Anchor doesn’t have a charge and can’t be used until you charge it with a Glowstone block.

The Anchor will activate once you add a Glowstone block. The texture of the blocks changes somewhat, and light pours out from the stone.

Anchor charges

The only way to charge an Anchor is with Glowstones, which it can store up to four charges at a time.

The charge number decreases by one each time you utilize it. Keep track of your Anchor charges by looking at the dial on the block’s side.

Beds, like anchors, may be used by more than one person. However, since charges are shared with other people, it’s a good idea to double-check your charge number before going into the Nether. If you perish, you don’t want to be caught without a designated respawn location.

Minecraft Bed

There are 16 distinct colors of beds in Minecraft, and they’re all listed below: White Bed, Orange Bed, Magenta Bed, Light Blue Bed, Yellow Bed, Lime Bed, Pink Bed, Gray Bed, Light Gray bed

Minecraft Bed Recipe

  1. Gather three pieces of wool that are the same color. Wool may be found by shearing sheep, culling unshorn sheep, or visiting shepherd villages and caches.
  2. In a crafting table, arrange three identical types of wool and any three planks in rows. A bed is created. How To Make A Cat Bed In Minecraft


What are the dangers of a bed exploding?

A bed explosion in the Nether would result in Power 5 devastation. The number of deaths attributed to a single Nether bed blast is unclear, although they are likely to be significant. Bed explosions cause fires as well.


Exploring worlds in Minecraft can be dangerous. If you’re not careful, your bed could explode and take the life of an explorer with it! You’ll need to make sure that you don’t die without a designated respawn point before sleeping in the Nether or End Realms. Make sure you know how many charges are left on your Respawn Anchor by looking at its dial; if there’s less than four, find another place to sleep for now. And never forget: when crafting beds, wool is required in order to create different colors–white being just one example!

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