How To Grow Cocoa Beans In Minecraft (Update)

How to grow cocoa beans in minecraft – Cocoa beans have been a part of the Java version of Minecraft since May 2012, and they were added to the Bedrock edition in 1.2. Jungle logs may be found growing these beans in jungle biomes.

This Minecraft plant’s dark, rich leaves may be eaten like other plants and used to make chocolate cookies and brown dye. It isn’t, however, planted in dirt.

A jungle rainforest will serve as the backdrop for the game. To cultivate cocoa beans on the sides of rainforest trees, players must grow cocoa seeds on their jungle logs. Every fully developed cocoa bean generates around three chocolate beans.

Available Platformshow to grow cocoa beans in minecraft xbox

Cocoa beans are required to develop.

  • Jungle wood
  • Bonemeal (optional)
  • Cocoa beans

Tips and tricks Growing cocoa in Minecraft

The tiny, round seeds of the cocoa plant grow on jungle logs and are harvested by striking them with a stick. When a player undertakes to cultivate their own cocoa beans, they should bring all of the required materials. Jungle logs, cocoa beans, and any sort of axe will be needed by players.

Players must have jungle logs in order to plant their cocoa beans. A single log can produce up to four pods. On each side of the log, one pod may be placed. When a player has planted the cocoa beans on the log, the pod will begin to grow. In Minecraft, cocoa pods start as a little green pod.

The green pod is the beginning of the plant’s life cycle. As it advances to its second stage, it becomes lighter brown and orange in hue. The final form is a huge cocoa pod that is brown and somewhat pink in color.

When a cocoa pod in Minecraft reaches the third and final stage of development, it may be picked.

Players may gather cocoa beans using their hands or any other object. Axes, on the other hand, are preferable since they allow for quicker mining rates.

1. Fertilize The Cocoa Pods

In time, the cocoa bean pods will sprout. They will go through three phases of development (the initial stage is tiny and green, the second stage is larger and tanned, and the third stage is even bigger and ochre-brown). Fertilizing the pods with bonemeal may help to speed up their development.

So, pick bonemeal from your Hotbar and use the following game controls to fertilize your pods:

Java Edition (PC/Mac), Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition: right-click on the plant.

The pods will begin to sprout and change color as you feed the bonemeal. We may harvest them when your cocoa bean farm is to grow cocoa beans in minecraft pocket edition

2. Harvest The Cocoa Beans

Finally, we’ll need to harvest the crop. To do so, simply crack the pods using your gaming controller’s buttons as shown below:

Java Edition (PC/Mac), Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition: left-click on the plant.

When you break the pod, there are three cocoa to grow cocoa beans in minecraft pocket edition

3. Place the Jungle Wood Blocks Down

We must start cocoa bean farming by laying down our jungle wood blocks. You may lay down as many as you want. In our scenario, we’ll put down 16 blocks (8 long by 2 high)how to grow cocoa beans in minecraft xbox

4. Plant Your Cocoa Beans

Select your cocoa beans in your Hotbar and plant them on the jungle wood blocks’ edge. You may plant seeds by using the following buttons on your game controller:

Java Edition (PC/Mac), Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition: right-click on the to grow cocoa beans in minecraft pocket edition


In the world of Minecraft, cocoa beans are a rare and valuable commodity. In order to grow them yourself in-game you’ll need jungle logs, cocoa beans, bonemeal (optional) as well as an axe for harvesting those pods later on. This process is best done with friends! Cocoa bean farms can take up 16 blocks and will produce 3 cocoabean each time they mature through three stages: small green pod – big brown pod – large reddish brown pod. If your cocoa farm sounds like too much work or you want help creating one we’ve got experts standing by ready to offer their services. Contact us today if this interests you!

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