How To Get Pufferfish In Minecraft (Update)

How to get pufferfish in minecraft – The Pufferfish is one of the most intriguing aquatic creatures in Minecraft. They’re also quite difficult to manage.

The Pufferfish was introduced with the 1.13 Aquatic Update, commonly known as the Aquatic Update. Corals, sea turtles, and tridents were other things that debuted with this version.

The health of a Minecraft pufferfish is around 20. When they defend themselves, they have the ability to shoot poison into players and other mobs.

Pufferfish are prized for the making of water breathing potions.

Puffers inhabit a very restricted habitat. They breed and live in an odd environment.

Supported Platforms

The following versions of Minecraft , There are three different models of Puffers in Minecraft:

how to get pufferfish in minecraft
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Required Materials

Pufferfish in Minecraft may be caught with the following items:

how to get pufferfish in minecraft PE
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How to get a Pufferfish in Survival Mode

In Survival mode, you may collect a pufferfish by using a fishing pole to net one. So let’s get this party started!

1. Hold the Fishing Rod

After you’ve discovered a large body of water, select the fishing rod from your hotbar. In this case, we’re using an enchanted fishing pole.

how to get pufferfish in minecraft PC
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2. Cast the Fishing Line

Then, off you go to the lake. To cast the fishing line into the water, use the appropriate game control in Minecraft 1.7 and up.

  • In the Java Edition (PC/Mac), right-click to throw the fishing line.
  • Tap the Fish button on your iPhone to play on POCKET EDITION (PE).
  • For an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One, hit the LT button on the controller.
  • To access the drop-down menu for PlayStation 3 or 4, hold down the L2 button on the PS controller.
  • To play on a Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad.
  • Hold down the ZL button on the controller for Nintendo Switch.
  • For Windows 10 Edition, right-click to cast the fishing line.
  • Right-click to cast the fishing line if you’re using an Education Edition.

When you’ve dropped your fishing line into the water, it should float to the surface and a bobber or float appears.

how to get pufferfish in minecraft xbox one
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3. Wait for a fish to bite

Soon, you should notice bubbles emanating from the pufferfish swimming in the water. If you wait with patience, the bubbles will approach your fishing line and cause the bobber to sink below the surface.

how to get pufferfish in minecraft 360
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4. Reel in the Fishing Line

After that, it’s time to get moving. You must reel back in your fishing line as soon as the bobber goes beneath the water.

The game controls for reeling in the fishing line are different depending on the version of Minecraft.

  • Right-click on Java Edition (PC/Mac) to reel in.
  • Tap the Fish button on your iPhone’s or iPad’s Settings app to play it in PE.
  • On the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, press the LT button on the controller.
  • On the PS3 and PS4, hold down the L2 button on the controller.
  • Press the ZL button on the gamepad for Wii U.
  • For the Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.
  • Right-click on Windows 10 Edition to reel it in.
  • To rewind, right-click on the video for Education Edition.

If you were quick enough, you may catch a pufferfish and add it to your collection.

how to get pufferfish in minecraft xbox
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What are Minecraft pufferfish used for?

Players may be wondering what to do with a pufferfish once they’ve caught one in Minecraft. Here are some of the functions of pufferfish in the game:

  • Pufferfish can also be eaten, although this is not advised (they taste like calamari).
  • In Monster Hunter: World, pufferfish may be sold in a variety of ways.
  • Pufferfish may be used to create a water breathing potion.
  • The Pufferfish can be used to win the confidence of an ocelot or train them.


There are many ways to catch a pufferfish in Minecraft. One way is by casting the fishing line into large bodies of water and waiting for them to bite on your bait! Once you’ve caught one, there are various things that can be done with it- some examples include using it as food or brewing potions like water breathing potion. This concludes our blog post about how to catch a pufferfish in Minecraft Survival Mode.

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