Dropped Airpods In Water But Still Works

Dropped Airpods In Water But Still Works – As with all electronic products, they can be irreparably damaged by submerging them in water or leaving them covered in liquid. At times like these, it is best to immediately contact your insurance company and follow their instructions.Dropped Airpods In Water But Still Works

Or let me guess, you’re here because your AirPods are otherwise not working properly. Let’s help show them new life!

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Before we proceed, here is a word of caution: resist the urge to shake your AirPods immediately after taking them out in a bid to force the water out. This can damage them because some soft parts can easily peel off from the glue this way.

What Happens When You Drop Your AirPods in Water?

What happens when you drop your AirPod in water? The answer is that they become waterproofed. This means that turning on the headphone and listening to music will continue to be as seamless as it was before.

When you drop your AirPods into water, don’t panic. Just follow these simple steps:

-Place one of the airpods into a bowl or a cup of rice and leave them there for at least 24 hours.

-Do not pull out the headphones from the bowl until they are completely dry, because if you do so, it will cause damage to the cable or plug.

-After 24 hours, remove the headphones from the box and allow them to dry for a few hours before using them again.

Dropped AirPods in Water?

The first time it happened to me, I was temporarily dumbfounded. The shock was from a thought of you needing a new pair. However, my calmness and decision-making ability allowed me to handle the situation and so can you too!

Method 1: If You Managed to Get It Out Within Minutes

While the AirPods do not require cleaning, we recommend wiping them down regularly with a clean, dry microfiber cloth before and after using air to remove excess moisture.

After you remove the AirPods from your ears, place them upside down to air out. This should only be done after you successfully remove the case & keep it in a safe place

Don’t dry them in the charging case because water may leak out and damage it. You should dry them out in an open place so they will dry properly.

Make sure you let your hair dry for a good 60 minutes before connecting it. If it doesnt need to be re-saturated, then we recommended giving your new coiffure a tailgate test.

Method 2: Dry Using Desiccants

Have you dropped your AirPods in water and tried all the methods with no success? If there is still water inside, put it into a container and desiccant packets to absorb the water.

Desiccants are small packets that come with electronics or other packaged products. When you unpack your new shoes, you might find yourself surrounded by a dozen of these dreaded white packets.

The particles inside the packets are designed to absorb moisture. Get some packets in your case and drop your AirPods case in the same one, seal it up, and let them sit overnight.

You can be sure that any remaining water in the AirPods after your use will have been out. A handy feature is if you connect them and start to use them, no water will be in them when you take them off after some hours.

Oh! Are you thinking of using leftover rice in place of desiccants, which would be a little tricky for your AirPods? Although this can remove any moisture left on them, it might be difficult because grains of rice may need to get inside the AirPods and soak up the moisture there.

If none of these methods work for you, then just use the only way out.

Method 3: Replace your AirPods

If you’re AirPods were accidentally dropped in water and tried to dry them by using the two methods mentioned, it means that there’s been permanent damage your headphones. You might want to consider buying another pair.

Do AirPods Have Water Damage Indicator?

These Apple AirPods might be waterproof, but they don’t have liquid damage indicators that warn you when liquid has been spilled on them. It could be important to pay attention to this so you are aware of when something has gone wrong with your device.

If your AirPods or other electronics turn on after you’ve accidentally dropped them in water, but are not connecting to anything when you try to connect them, that is a sign that there is water damage. You should immediately go get it cleaned up before it starts conserving crucial data.

Other indicators of permanent water damage could be when the AirPods don’t turn on or charge properly.

Can You Use the Water Eject on AirPods?

Yes, you can use the water eject on AirPods. But there a few conditions. First, your AirPods should be good as new afterward. Second, if you’re successful with the app’s timing, much depends on that.

If you drop your AirPods into water, there is a great chance they have been permanently damaged. You can try to save them by using the Airpods Rating app on your phone/computer, but there’s no guarantee they will work even they are given enough time.

With the help of the app, creating a contact list with your co-workers and emergency contacts is easy and convenient. Uploading new contact information will not require even the smallest bit of search, so it’s simple to store info that’s referred to often.

  • Download the app on your iPhone or Android phone

  • pair your AirPods with your iPhone safely

  • On the Home Page, click on the Water Eject tab

  • When the AirPods dry, use a dry cloth to help remove any small residues left on them.

  • Repeat the process a couple of times

  • Connect the AirPods to see if it works

4 Simple Steps for Protecting Your AirPods From Water Damage

The importance of keeping your AirPods safe cannot be understated. It is the one gadget that you carry everywhere with you. Additionally, it is the size and weight of a single earbud which makes it very easy for children to lose. You can prevent water damage to your AirPods by following these 4 simple steps:

1. Put your AirPods in their case before going out on a run or bike ride

2. Don’t leave them in your bag inside a damp environment like a locker room, pool or beach

3. Keep them away from moisture and liquids

4. Use an airtight case to protect them from dust and other particles

How to Avoid Dropping Your AirPods in the Washing Machine or Dryer

There are many ways to protect your airpods from getting lost or damaged, such as using a case or wrapping them in fabric.

Drop and damage your AirPods

The first best practice for protecting your AirPods is to always use the case that came with them. The case provides protection from everyday wear and tear, as well as accidental drops or water damage. The downside of this is that it might make it more difficult to access the buttons on the side of the pods.

If you don’t want to purchase a new case for every different style of shirt you own, consider wrapping your AirPods in fabric before putting them in your pocket. Fabric provides long-term protection from bumps and scratches, but can be difficult to take off when you want to use the pods again.


What are the effects of dropping airpods in water?

Dropping airpods in water can be fatal. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has said that there are some instances where the Airpods can come out of their charging case, which makes them more likely to get into the ears and cause injury.

The marketing industry has been rocked by this revelation, and many companies have already stopped using airpods on set. This is because they were previously thought of as a safer option than other headphones due to their small size and lack of wire.

Companies like Apple are now under even more scrutiny considering their recent decision to release the AirPods without a wire or a case for wireless charging.

How long does it take for airpods to float?

It takes around 1 minute for an airpod to float.

Airpods can float in water, but they will eventually sink into the liquid.

Are there any special considerations when dropping airpods in water?

When you’re done with your airpod, don’t put it near water. The small amount of water in the earbud can make it difficult to breathe through and you may not be able to hear properly.

Dropping your airpods into water can ruin them!

How do I revive a dead airpod?

Whether you have a broken airpod or it just needs some freshening up, here are some ways to revive your dead airpod.

-Restore with distilled water with a little bit of vinegar.

-Cleaning it with a toothbrush can remove any residue and make it smell fresh again.

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