Dell xps 13 is one of special edition release

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Overview at a glance Dell XPS 13

Pcheckup – The popularity of laptops or notebook Dell in the world is very amazing. Of course, it is because of the quality and the specification that are offered to the people. If you like to find a new notebook laptop from Dell, one of the interesting options is Dell XPS 13.

dell xps 13 specs
Dell XPS 13 specs

Many people usually find laptops the specification and also from the elegant design. If you get a high-quality device, you can work with this without any problem. The interesting design of the laptop also makes you feel confident working with this.

Release Date of Dell XPS 13

When you look at the design, you will fall in love with the slim body and narrow bezel of the display. It has an excellent keyboard make you can feel the comfort when typing on it

Many people want to get this amazing laptop, but you need to know the time when the company will release this device to the public. Based on the information from the company, Dell XPS 13 will be on the market in the last year.

Now, you can find this device on the market. if you want to get the original product at a cheaper price, it will be a good decision if you buy it from the official website.

The Price of Dell XPS 13

If you want to buy this new Dell XPS 13, you can buy it from the marketplace or visit the store. But many people like to buy this device from Dell’s website because of the lower prices and interesting discounts.

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In the US, you can find this new Dell XPS 13  at a price of around $999.99. It is not expensive because this new device is completed with an Intel Core i5 processor. There is also 4GB RAM and storage until 128 GB.

If you want to increase the performance, you can add more RAM and also storage. If you want to add more specifications, you should prepare extra cost for it.

You also can improve the Dell XPS 13 display to become an HD screen with a touch screen. The touchscreen feature makes this device more elegant and provides more function.

Specification and Features of Dell XPS 13

When you look at the Dell XPS 13 specification, a new version has changed the processor with the new one that is core i5 or core i7. The previous version used Intel’s 8th-gen quad-core Coffee Lake. And now you can enjoy the device because it has bigger RAM 4 or 8GB. You can choose the storage starting from  128GB or 1TB SSD.

If you want to get more storage, you can buy a bigger SD card. It gives you more space to save more files and work with comfort.

Design and Ports

The new Dell XPS 13 has a new design and the company improved the features for more function. The new version has a slim design and lighter weight. The color of the body also makes this device look so luxurious.

Something that you have to know about the port is there is no USB-A port on this device. There’s only a new USB-C standard. There are still some different ports for different connections. Don’t worry because it has a microphone or headset jack.

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This new device will make you feel wonderful because of the gold color and carbon fiber black model. It can protect the device from white UV. There’s also classic plastic white for a more impressive look.

Mostly, the model of this new Dell XPS 13 has premium look. The luxurious design makes the device very interesting even if the price is not cheap.

The predecessor has a bigger size. But the new version has a smaller size of 23%. You can bring the device everywhere with comfort because the weight is only 1.21kg.


The other interesting Dell XPS 13 feature that makes you want to buy your device is the wonderful display. You can choose a touchscreen display or a non-touchscreen display.

The non-touchscreen display has a size of 1920 x 1080 13.3inch FHD. You still can upgrade this display with a touchscreen display 3840 x 2160 13.3inch UltraSharp 4K Ultra HD.

But if you decide to upgrade the display to a touchscreen display, the extra cost will make it more expensive.

Fingerprint Sensor

The other thing that also makes this device more interesting is the fingerprint sensor. It provides you with more protection and helps you to keep your privacy. With the fingerprint sensor feature, no one can open your device without your permission. The fingerprint sensor is usually put on the power key.

Battery Life

Before you buy a new device whether for working, studying, playing a game, or other activities, you also need to know about the battery life. This new Dell XPS 13 has a big battery that provides you with long hours of life. The company claims that it can run up to up to 19 hours.

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If you want to be more sure about this new Dell XPS 13,  you need to read complete information about specifications from the official website.

It is included as a small device because the touchscreen wide is only 13.3 inches. But it has a wonderful display and you can enjoy video or movies with an ultra HD screen. The touchscreen display also allows the user to work efficiently.

Talking about the processor, it uses 8th Generation Intel Quad-Core i5-8250U. With a powerful processor, you can enjoy strong performance and don’t worry about lag. There are two processors you can find on this device.

The company provides you with two options which are core i5 and also core i7 processors. You can choose the most interesting one but the different professors will provide different performances.

The device is good for you that need a business laptop. It has interesting specifications with a luxurious design. Strong performance becomes the most interesting benefit. If you have a new device with a strong engine, you will never be afraid of the device lagging or having trouble.


You have to know that this new Dell XPS 13 provides you good processor, display, features, and many others. It can help you to reach your working target. This device will be your close friend every day.

Don’t be confused because now you can buy it from many places whether from an online store or an offline store. I hope the information above will be a good reference for you.

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